PCL Reconstruction

The posterior cruciate ligament is the strongest ligament of the knee and thus, it is injured less often accounting for about 3-37% of all knee injuries. A posterior cruciate ligament injury is often caused by a powerful force like sports injuries and road traffic accidents. The posterior cruciate ligaments most important function is to prevent posterior translation of the knee. It is often missed and good clinical examination and MRI is required to diagnose the tear.


PCL Tear Symptoms


PCL injuries are classified as


PCL Surgery Technique

PCL reconstruction is a more techniqually demanding surgery than acl surgery. We do arthroscopic pcl reconstruction and use hamstring autograft. In addition to the standard arthroscopic ports a posteromedial portal is required most of the times. After making anatomic tunnels in the femur and tibia graft is pulled and fixed using peek screws. As the surgery is done arthroscopically, it leads to less pain and faster recovery.


PCL Rehab Program

PCL rehab program is a bit slow as compared to the ACL rehab. The patient knee is kept in a brace with posterior support for 6 weeks. Prone knee bending is started from 3rd weeks. pt is allowed to put weight gradually from 6 weeks. Patient are allowed to use stationary bike from 6 weeks. We have found that Our rehabilitation program has not resulted in any of our grafts stretching out over time and has demonstrated a much quicker return of knee motion, decreased risk of knee stiffness and quicker return to sports.

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