Micro Fractures

Microfracture surgery is performed to treat a full-thickness cartilage defect of the knee. This arthroscopic procedure uses the body’s own healing abilities for tissue regeneration of the chondral (cartilage) damage.




Indications of Microfracture


How is Microfracture Surgery Performed?

We perform microfracture surgery arthroscopically mostly under regional anaesthesia. Tiny holes are drilled in the femur around 3-4 mm apart. From these holes stem cells are released which form a marrow rich clot that form the base for new hybrid cartilage development.


Post Operation Period

The patient generally remains in the hospital for 24 hours or less. Focus is on early rehabilitation of patient and encouraging them to get back to their normal routine and eventually sports as soon as possible. Patient is kept non weight bearing/ partial weight bearing for first 4-6 weeks to prevent clot dislodgement. Rest all knee rehabilitation exercises are started within 24 hours of surgery.

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