About Dr. Satvir Singh

Dr. Satvir Singh is an expert in joint replacement and arthroscopic surgery of knee, shoulder and hip. After working at Artemis hospital, Gurugram for many years, he is currently working at Ankur Maitrika Hospital, Jammu. His focus is on prevention of sports injury and minimal invasive surgery, he is an expert at handling both simple and complex orthopedic trauma and joint replacement surgeries. He focuses on using the latest advancement in orthopedic science for early rehabilitation and recovery of the patients. He is backed by all the latest cutting-edge technology and latest advancements at Artemis hospitals. He is using both conventional and all inside technique for ACL/PCL reconstruction. His special interest are arthroscopic double row rotator cuff repairs and knotless labrum repair. As his social responsibility, he is actively engaged in doing free OPDs and camps with various NGOs.



a) Osteochondral Autograft Transfers

b) Microfractures

a) ACL Reconstruction 

b) PCL Reconstruction 

c) MCL and LCL Reconstruction

d) PLC Reconstruction 

e) Ankle Ligament Reconstruction

f) ) Elbow Ligaments Reconstruction

g) Hip Arthroscopy

h) Ankle Arthroscopy

a) Bankart & Labrum Repair

b) Capsular Release

c) Latarjet Procedure

a) Hip Replacement

b) Shoulder Replacement

c) Knee Replacement

a) Platelet Rich Plasma

b) Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC)


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